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certified trainers

Our staff of CSIDT Certified Instructors will help you transition from a master diver to a certified crime scene investigator diver technologist.  Safety is key with emphasis on procedures and protocols.

it all started with mack.....

Myself and my son completed a CSIDT course with Mack, it was well presented and well written. We are looking forward to working with him in the future and the publication of the CSIDT training materials.  I would recommend him highly for any CSI or diving related work, especially if you combine the two.

Mark Milburn, Owner, Atlantic Scuba

Just finished a course with Mack, can not wait to have him back, his knowledge was the best I've come across in this field, Highly recommended, ready to do more training with him!

Shane McClung, CPO at G4S

On behalf of the Pfeiffer University Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma I just wanted to take the time to give you a belated thanks for the intriguing and informative speech you presented to the Pfeiffer University Criminal Justice Honor Society students being inducted. Your information truly held the audience captivated, to say the least. Everyone was amazed by your expertise and enchanted with your stories. You are welcome to come to our venue anytime to share your multi-faceted talents.

Sheila Griffin Mull, Pfeiffer University, North Carolina

I can promise you all that you will love this training with Mack. I have known Mac for over 30 years and I know he has great expertise in this field. I have taken his class and in my 17 years in the field as a Crime Scene Investigator for the High Point and the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Dept. It was one of the best classes I was allowed to attend. I learned so much as to where to search for bodies under water and how to preserve the evidence that is needed once the body is recovered. There was so much that I did not know that needs to be done. Thank you Mack for continuing to share your knowledge to help others in their futures as Investigators.

Patty Amos, Crime Scene Investigator at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department


current events....

  • Law Enforcement Professionals
  • Law Enforcement Divers
  • Diver Tenders & Support Personnel
  • Crime Scene Investigators
  • Registered Nurses
  • Forensic Nurses
  • EMS/EMT Professionals
  • Medical Examiners
  • Forensic Pathologists & Related Personnel
  • All Investigative Personnel Interested in Learning More about Crime Scene Evaluation and Diver Safety
  • Some conferences will be open to the public, please check for availability

target audience


  • Teach safe diving standards and protocols: focus is diver safety
  • Procedures and protocols when retrieving forensic evidence and victim(s)
  • Work with Law Enforcement officials, land based CSI personnel and first responders
  • Increase knowledge base regarding precautionary considerations in precontamination and decontamination protocols
  • Provide clear understanding of human anatomy as it applies to submerged victim(s)
  • Provide documentation procedures in preparation for testifying in court
  • Provide a clear understanding of authorized chain of custody
  • Discuss PTSD and suicide within Law Enforcement
  • Biological and chemical job Hazards

Training conference update will be available shortly